What do you get when you go to a surgon? Surgery. So what do you get when you run directly to lawyers and the court? A fight.

Court is not always the first step in a divorce or custody issue. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to race to court to prove we are right, that we don't stop to think whether or not we should even go there in the first place. The potential for lasting damage is just a prevolent, if not more, then the potential to win.  We have over a decade of experience as divorce litigators, and in court there really aren't winners. Just bigger losers. There is an alternative.

Sometimes, all you need is a voice of reason, a coach, to help you get through the experience, and find peace. We provide several plans to accomplish that.

Start by reading the book, You Failed At Marriage, Don't Fail At Divorce. It's available on Amazon.

If you are not ready for full representation and coaching sounds like what you need we have three levels of coaching available:

1. $500 - In this coaching session, we will identify the issues, establish your theme, create a game plan and help you prepare or answer legal documents to get you off on the right foot.  

2. $1,000 - Includes Plan 1 and 3 hours of coaching as you navigate the court system. (Does not include representation or appearances in court.)

3. $1,500 - Includes Plans 1 & 2 and 3 additional hours of coaching. (Does not include representation or appearances in court.)

This is way cheaper than traditional representation and if you can settle the matter with less expenses and more peace, everyone wins. If you can't reach an agreement, at least you have started right and you can continue on from a well established foundation.

You Failed At Marriage,

Don't Fail At Divorce.

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